ASSSR is  a  double peer-reviewed  journal. The  publication  of  ASSSR involves  conscientious,  systematic  and comprehensive   processes   by   publisher   and   editors   which   require   to   be   dealt   with   efficiently   and competently.  To  maintain  high  ethical standards  of  publication  of  ASSSR the  publisher  strives  to  work closely at all times with journal editors, authors and peer-reviewers.

ASSSR  is  committed  to  upholding  the  integrity  of  all  its  publications. This  statement  clarifies  ethical behaviour of all parties involved in the act of publishing an article in this journal, including the author, the Chief-in-Editor, the  Editorial  Board, the  peer-reviewer and  the  publisher  (ASSSR). This  statement  is  based  on COPE’s Best Practice Guidelines. Full details of these guidelines can be found on the COPE website.

ASSSR does not tolerate plagiarism, or the publication of material that is libelous, illegal or which infringes the  copyright  or  other  rights  of  any  third party. The article more than 10% similarity index will be rejected on the spot. In  addition,  the  manipulation  of  scientific  data,  tables, figures or any text for the purpose of knowingly providing incorrect information in order to manipulate the process of peer review is strictly prohibited.